Final day of the

Today was the last dolphin trip for this week’s passengers.  The weather was nice and the first dolphins observed were a mother & calf that we had also seen on Sunday.  This mother is un-named #43.  #43 was seen with a calf in 2002 and a new calf in 2006.  It is this latter calf that I believe was still with #43 this week.  We followed them for quite some time, but they were traveling east and not interested in stopping for a human swim.  As we discussed leaving this pair in search of others, Lil’ Jess (#35) and Swoosh (#36) appeared!  We decided this would be a good time to try for a swim again & we were not disappointed.  I even think that it may be possible that Lil’ Jess is…  drum roll please…  pregnant!  Female Atlantic spotted dolphins reach sexual maturity around 12 years old.  Lil’ Jess is approximately 11 years old.  So, could it be?!  I’ll have to review video to see how it looks on film.      There is another dolphin trip tomorrow.  We’ll see how it goes…    Until then,  Kel