Some random days

I’m beginning to feel a bit more rested, but I must admit that Thursday & Friday were a bit of a blur.  I did some much needed tidying & organizing while catching up on some office-like duties and finishing up the boat clean-up from the Orange Cay adventure.  Today (Saturday) the afternoon was filled with two spotted dolphin mother/calf pairs.  Trip #31 left the dock at 1641 and soon included the dolphins who seemed quite content to have the boat near them for the occasional bow ride.  We observed the animals (including un-named #57 & 84 – I think) for nearly an hour, but they never once slowed down for a human swim.  The weather was beautiful though & it was nice to be back on the water in Bimini…    Tomorrow I have some family coming to the island to visit, but I’ll also be out another dolphin trip!  The wind might shift direction & pick up a bit, but hopefully not so much that it disrupts the week.    Until next time,  Kel