Fire ants are not my friends

Well, I have to admit, I did not get much work done today.  Last night I took my pajamas out of my suitcase and there were three fire ants on them.  It was late, dark outside & I was tired, so I squished those ants & went to bed.  Flash forward to this morning.  We decide it was best to take my bag outside & sort out the ant situation.  Good thing we did!  It was absolutely covered with fire ants!!  They were in ALL of my clothes & all over my bag.  Very carefully, armed with Raid, we exterminated the feisty critters.  I managed to walk away with only one bite, but it was a good one.  My entire ankle is sore!  And, since Raid had at least lightly misted all of my clothes, it meant an early & thorough laundry day.  I spent the rest of the day feeling completely creepy-crawly & inspecting myself & my surroundings regularly.  Now I am going to bed and can’t help but wonder what I’ll wake up to tomorrow.    Until then,  Kel