Aquarium call, field reports, and sketch updates done?

The morning & early afternoon were all work, including field reports & updating the paper/pencil sketches that accompany the digital photo-ID catalog for the Atlantic spotted dolphins.  Each season, these sketches are updated with major spot developments or injuries, known calves/mothers and the year(s) that the animal was seen.  We worked through Class 2 (calves) and Class 3 (juveniles) individuals, comparing the drawing to the digital still photographs.  We also had our Monday phone link with the aquarium.  It was another small, but interested crowd.  If any of you are in the Connecticut area this summer, please do come visit the DCP team- both in the flesh & in cyberspace!    The late afternoon included another inflatable adventure, this time to a quiet beach at the northern tip of North Bimini.  This has yet to be touched by the resort development, so we were pleased to have the opportunity to explore before what are likely to be major changes in the all too soon future.      Tomorrow is Maria’s last full day, so she’ll be packing, but only after an adventure to visit some local stingrays…    Stay tuned,  Maria & Kel