A little bit of everything

We started off our trip with a clear sky but choppy waters.  Right off the island we spotted some very playful bottlenose dolphins and decided to try to swim with them.  To our surprise, they did not swim away (bottlenose tend to be more shy than the spotteds in this area) but instead gave us a few good looks.  We even saw a mother and calf!  We finished with that encounter and continued looking for other groups.  We found spotteds shortly after and had a great swim with them, although many swimmers left the water with suspected hydra stings.  The rough waters lead to a bumpy ride and Kel suffered a blow to the leg when she came crashing down on the deck.  Luckily she is okay, but the fall left her an enormous bruise to be remembered by.  Just as we thought the day was over, we saw a second group of spotteds, including Nemo (#76) and Tina (#14).  We were able to swim until sunset, but it was in the funkiest green water we’ve ever seen here.      The bad news is that next week’s dolphin trips have been cancelled.  Hopefully we will have some walk-ins next weekend.  In the meantime, we will have plenty of time for video.    Until next time,    Maria & Kel