An electric trip

Today’s weather was filled with storms & squalls, but nothing too bad.  The boat went out as scheduled, but returned early.  Why, you ask?  Well, we had our first experience with well charged surroundings!  As the boat crew was preparing to anchor at the snorkel stop of the day, we noticed that everyone’s hair was literally standing straight up.  Then, the radio antenna began to hum.  So, the boat & radio were immediately turned off, with everyone instructed not to touch anything metal!  Now, we were relatively safe on the boat, but the ocean is also a relatively safe place to be when lighting is a risk.  So, into the water folks went!  Although lightning can strike the ocean, it dissipates so quickly with the unlimited volume of the sea (versus the unsafe conditions of a pool, where the water is confined by walls).    The continued threat of storms brought the boat back to the dock.  But, after yesterday’s great trip, and high hopes for tomorrow, no one was too disappointed.    Until tomorrow,  Kel & Maria