Dolphin Extravaganza!

Today we started the day with a trip to Gateway Academy, one of the local schools, to check in with the principal about our upcoming visit and presentation.  That is scheduled for the 12th of June and we are very excited!  Then it was another follow up with the phone company but still no luck.  After a quick lunch at home, we headed to the dock for our weekly presentation.  It was a small but interested crowd.      The boat then left at 1500 and by 1700 we were with the spotteds.  First we saw Romeo (#10) and a calf that is not hers.  They were occasionally interested in the boat, but we could tell that they were not going to stick around for a swim.  A short time later, Lil’ Jess (#35), Swoosh (#36) and unnamed #25 appeared.  We soon got in the water where many more dolphins came within view.  Since the visibility was much nicer than yesterday, the video will be much more useful.  Once we were back on the boat, we were still able to watch the dolphins for quite some time.  This included a spotted that was leaping in front of the bow of a huge freighter.  Kelly got an excellent shot of that on the still camera.      Another trip tomorrow!    Kel & Maria