A field report from my day off

Just a quick note:  Today I was able to go fishing in the deeper water (100-500 feet) north of Bimini.  I didn’t do much of the fishing (although the rest of the group didn’t catch anything anyway!), but there was an accidental catch.  Luckily, they were able to release this roughly 3.5 foot shark without any apparent damage.  It was very cool to see so close!  A friend thought that it was a dusky shark.  Once I got home I had to do more research….It turns out that dusky sharks & sandbar sharks are virtually indistinguishable when they are between 3-4 feet long and they have overlapping ranges.  So, I was able to see either a dusky or a sandbar shark!  Too cool!    The new dolphin week begins tomorrow.  With yet another rough looking forecast for the week.    Until then,  Kel