Wind & Waves Continue

On Tuesday & Wednesday the wind continued to blow, so they were quiet for me.  This morning, I had a test call with the aquarium.  All went well, so next week we should be starting our regular phone link.  The difference this year is that it will all be done over the internet.  It’s amazing!      This afternoon I finally got a chance for trip #6 of the season.  It was rough, that’s for sure, but video filled.  From the boat we saw Romeo (#10), Tina (#14), Nemo (#76) and nicknamed “Yarmulke” (#86), then in the water we observed Leslie (#80) and a female calf who had been observed last summer.  This female calf has now been added to the photo-ID catalog as ID#87!  She is recognized by a straight line scar above her left pectoral fin and a notch in her peduncle.  She was seen last year with Tina (#14) and Leslie (#80).  Additional animals joined including Split Jaw (#22), Tim (#69) and unnamed #57 and her calf #84.  It was a day of hard swimming, maneuvering all those waves, but a good day.    There is a trip scheduled for Saturday, but the forecast doesn’t look too promising.  I’ll keep you all posted!    Until then,  Kel