Dolphins, dolphins everywhere

The group was able to end its trip on a high note.  Today, we saw dolphins just after 1700 and were able to observe the group until after 1900!  It was a great 2+ hours.  We were able to get in the water briefly, but for me the most interesting part was at the end of the day.  We knew we were unlikely to get back in the water, so we were observing the group from the boat.  These were the same animals that we had been observing for the past two hours.  Suddenly, we didn’t see them.  There was no grand exit.  No leaping or porpoising.  They were just gone.  Well, wouldn’t you know that moments later a hammerhead shark swam right under the boat!  This is completely different than the only other occasion where I have observed dolphins & a hammerhead in the same location.  That time (last season), neither species seemed to pay any mind to the other.  The mother & calf stayed just off the bow, as the hammerhead swam slowly below them and away.  The folks at the shark lab have told me that they believe hammerheads in this area are a threat to the dolphins – apparently the dolphins sometimes perceive them as a threat & sometimes, they don’t.    A day off the boat tomorrow, and a new group on Sunday.  I’ll be sad to see this group go!    Until next time,  Kel