Sharks, Dolphins, Dolphins, Sharks!

Well, let’s see.  I spent the late morning & early afternoon entering data into the computer (we’d gotten a bit behind).  Then, I got myself ready for Trip #26.  Even though I can’t get in the water yet, I thought surface observations & photos might be worth my time.  The day did not disappoint…    Before we left the dock, we saw a dorsal fin, most likely belonging to a hammerhead, circling the harbor.  Then we saw a bull shark cruise past.  Then it was time for the dolphins….We quickly found a group of 4 dolphins, including Finn (#09), Romeo (#10), an unID’d older mother & her older calf, which will likely become DCP ID#85.  We stayed with this group for an hour, with the passengers getting a great swim.  Shortly after we turned to head in, we were greeted by White Blotch (#29) & her calf, who rode the bow for a bit.  Surely that was going to be it for the day.  NO!  Close to the island we saw a group of approximately 10 bottlenose, with 3 calves in their group!  One of the calves was very small…definitely the youngest bottlenose I’ve ever seen.  Okay, now the day is over.  So, into the harbor we went.  What did we see?  The hammerhead!  Just a quick glance, but it is the first hammerhead I’ve ever seen.  A great day 😉    Tomorrow begins a dolphin week.  So…    Until then,  Kel