Bye John!

Today began slow & relaxing.  We were sad to see John off, but that time came around 15:00.  We had a great time during his visit and are looking forward to seeing more of his project & his next visit!    Then it was a dolphin trip for us.  It was a fairly small group of passengers, which is always nice.  We first saw a mom & calf.  Calf had a very fresh, shallow, but nasty wound on its left side.  Because it was so shallow, but covered a large area, we are not sure what it is from.  The calf was keeping up with mom, curious about the boat & otherwise behaving regularly, so we are confident that the injury will heal soon.  Mom also had two, much smaller injuries- also fresh, but we can’t actually be sure that they were from the same mystery encounter.  The pair were only peripherally interested in the boat, so considering the fresh injury, we just watched them from the boat.  Later in the day, we came upon another group of spotteds.  A group of at least 6 animals (3 adults, 3 calves) stuck around for a short swim.  We are still at our 100% sighting success rate!    Tomorrow is birthday party for Kath day!    Until then,  Kel & Darcie