Good ol

Safe flights, with all our luggage accounted for…

  So, just thought we would let everyone know that we arrived back in Connecticut safe and sound. It was a rushed, but nice morning on Bimini yesterday and we got to see just about everyone. Then during our LONG layover in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, we were able to go out to lunch with Kathy DeStefano and a friend. And even stopped by to say hello to a former Bimini Undersea crew member. Certainly made the 8 hour+ layover go by much more quickly….
    Then it was CT. Darcie was greeted by her wonderful boyfriend John and I by my equally wonderful father. All of our luggage was there and it was time to go home. Thanks to all of you for keeping up with our field season. We can’t wait until next year.

Until 2006,
Kel and Darcie