Surprise Morning Trip

Thanks to a surprise tropical storm

  So, Tropical Depression Twelve is now Tropical Storm Katrina and is really messing up the end of our field season!! We got a surprise early morning phone call informing us that our 15:00 dolphin trip would in fact try to leave the dock at 9:00. Hurriedly we got ourselves ready and headed, quite groggy, to the dock. The trip was to become our longest dolphin trip of the season, but with little reward. We again had to dodge rain squalls, but the seas were calmer than the last two days (ah, the calm before the storm). We searched and searched, hoping to give passengers one more dolphin experience before their vacation abruptly ended. The dolphins did not come to the boat today, so we headed to 3 Sisters Rocks for a snorkel swim.
    We then raced back to the island so that passengers could grab their bags and fly off the island via the last sea plane departure for at least the next day or two. It wasn’t exactly the way we envisioned the end of our season, but we are pleased with and grateful for the rest of it.
    The evening was spent doing video logs, eating pizza and waiting for the storm to arrive. We’ll let you know how it goes!

Until next time,
Kel and Darcie