New Dolphin!!

Welcome dolphin ID# 82

uch of today was spent working on still photographs, however we also jumped into Tape 6, which needs to be logged (each dolphin in view must be identified and recorded). And it was an exciting day of video logging (a sign that we are big geeks!) because a dolphin previously and affectionately known as “the bane of Kel’s existence” was added to the catalog as dolphin ID# 82. This dolphin was seen regularly from the boat during 2004, however, would never been in view once we were underwater. It is easily identified by a large notch in its dorsal fin and well as a missing piece of its fluke. However, because we could not get a good look at its spot pattern, we were hesitant to add the animal to the catalog, in the event that it was an already IDed animal, with new dorsal and fluke scars. Today we had very clear video of this adult female and determined that it did not in fact already have a DCP ID number. So, #82 it is!! We now have 77 animals in the catalog. The reason that number is not also 82 is that over the years a single animal is occasionally given two separate numbers. This type of human error is inevitable, but each season we work through the catalog to try to catch any mistakes and prevent new ones.
    We have a week to get through the rest of our tapes. It is going to mean some long days, but we know we can do it!

Until next time,
Kel and Darcie