Trip 26

We head out, even with the east wind roaring.

The weather forecast wasn’t exactly correct. Shocking, huh? We were hoping the wind would drop to about 5 knots, and it did–at about 19:00! Our passengers were good sports though and we were able to swim with two mother-calf pairs. They were not terribly interactive with us, but they did allow us to observe them in the water. We saw both calves nursing as well as some unusual sand rubbing by one mother. We also are hoping that we got some good video of what we affectionately call, “the bane of our existence.” This is an adult female who has an extremely large notch in her dorsal fin, as well as a piece missing from her fluke. We did not add this animal to our catalog, because she never lets us get close enough to really see her spot pattern. Therefore, we could not be sure if they were new injuries to an animal already in the catalog, or a completely new animal. Now, we may have the answer!
    We spent the night watching a movie at home…Next trip is Sunday!

Until then,
Kel and Darcie