So, is 2 hours with dolphins a good day?

Two water entries, but poor vis

So, we cannot say that today was a bad day. If we did, we’d be crazy. But, considering we had dolphins in view for about two hours, and we had two water entries, it may not have been a productive video day. We came upon spotted dolphins at 17:29. However, these dolphins were already with another dolphin boat, so we decided to slowly make our way past. As we did this, we realized that there were several subgroups in the area and that there were in fact plenty of dolphins for both boats. We watched the group for some time, identifying #48 (Niecey), #56 (Lone Star), #77 (Dandy) and #81. #56 had not yet been identified this season, so we were glad to see her today. We also think #41 (Cleopatra) was bowriding, but we could not get a great view of her to be sure. We entered the water twice today, identifying #14 (Tina) during the first encounter and #48, #77, #35 (Lil’ Jess) and #36 (Swoosh) during the second encounter. We were back to the dock just before 20:30 tonight, pleased with the week we’d had on the boat. Thanks to our passengers for their enthusiasm and respect!!
    There is a possibility of a trip tomorrow, but it may not happen. We’re hoping for trips on Saturday and Sunday, but are not sure of next week.

Until then,
Kel and Darcie