Random Boat Trip

Trip 18 is a full boat!

The first sighting of today was of two spotted dolphins who were moving too quickly to enter the water for awhile. We followed the group for about 40 minutes before entering the water, hoping to get a look at them. They stuck around for about 10 minutes, but we’ll have to wait until we log the video to see if we can ID any of the animals.
    Shortly after we left this group we came up on another three animals, White Blotch (#29), Dandy (#77) and presumably Niecey (#48). We entered the water, but this was a very short encounter. So, with the dolphins gone, we slowly traveled home, stopping so everyone could enjoy the beautiful Bimini sunset. They are different every night, and every night we are reminded of how beautiful the world is.
    No trips until Wednesday, but we still have the rest of the weekend to enjoy!

Until next time,
Kel and Darcie