Preparing for travel

Kelly and Kathy prep to go back to the islands

Things are mostly in order and we are getting ready to go back to Bimini to start DCP's 4th field season on the island – and Kelly and Kathy's second. This summer we'll have the Top Dawg housing and camera like last year, but also MVA1 without the click detector, and an underwater digital camera so we should have plenty of pictures to share with you! We should arrive with any luck in the early afternoon on June 7th. We are definitely looking forward to getting back out in the field!

This summer we'll have two students with us for part of the season. Darcie Blanding from URI will be with us from mid-June to mid-July. She'll be taking over for us next year. And from mid-July to mid-August Justin Gregg will be joining us from Trinity College Dublin to do some of his own research. Both of them will be posting guest field reports when they're here.

Next report will probably be from Bimini once we are settled in. Less than a week away!

Until then!

Kathy and Kelly