Rain or Sun

 Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with us again on Wednesday. Both our morning and afternoon trips did go out however, leaving us looking and feeling like drowned rats. We saw one bottlenose, but no spotteds.
    Things looked up a bit on Thursday weather-wise and we did see a group of six spotteds in the morning and had two short encounters with them. We recognized #1 (!) and #77. We have ideas of who some others are, but we have to wait until we get a better look at the video, albeit brief footage.
    The afternoon trip brought a little bit of rain, but it only stuck around during our snorkel stop at 3 Sisters Rocks. Once we were out in the “dolphin grounds,” we saw a small group of spotteds and had a short encounter with them. Later in the trip we saw a lone bottlenose, but, surprise, surprise, it wasn’t interested in us! The rest of the trip was dolphin-less, but we hope the passengers had a good week nonetheless!
    We have Friday and Saturday “off,” then another dolphin week starts on Sunday! We can’t wait!

Until then,
Kathy, Kelly and Justin