Back on the Ocean

After an eight-day hiatus from the open ocean, I (Kelly) was able to get back out on Destiny and see the wild Atlantic spotted dolphins again. We spent over one hour and twenty minutes with a lone spotted who was unfortunately recovering from an injury. We can’t be sure what the injury was from exactly, but it looked like it could have been from a fishing hook. We also couldn’t readily identify the animal, but it seemed to be doing well, despite its wound. We hope to see it again soon, so that we can monitor its recovery.
    On our way back to the dock, we came across a large group, who alerted us of its presence by splashing. Once we got in the water, the younger dolphins stayed in with us until we had to leave because of fading sunlight. We haven’t been able to go through the video yet, but I know Swoosh (#36), Underbite (#35), Nemo (#76) and unnamed #77 were there. The latter three stuck around for the longest, checking out passengers, playing with seaweed and fishing with their rostrums in the sand.

Until next time,
Kathy and Kelly