Bahamas’ White Sand Ridge – 2002

Atlantic spotted dolphins – data collection field season

Welcome to my 11th year studying the Atlantic spotted dolphins north of Grand Bahama Island (GBI) – examining their communication and patterns of signal exchange. We will continue to record dolphin behavior and sounds underwater with simultaneous video/audio gear and observe how dolphins interact with one another. We are into our second and third generations of dolphins (since 1991). It is wonderful to see our old dolphin friends, watch youngsters grow and see the next generation thrive. Today, we pack our gear, check to be sure we have enough tapes, film, batteries and data sheets, and grab a towel and bathing suit and a few other clothes. We also have our permits and are ready to go. Tomorrow, we fly into the Bahamas, Freeport, to meet our research boat, the m/v Hanky Panky. They've had a good season so far and I am very much looking forward to being back on the water. Because we are boat-based in the Bahamas, we are away from shore for 4-5 days at a time. Thus, I will be posting our field reports in groups … a few days at a time. I'll do this when we are in port and have access to a phone. Thank you for your support and patience with the delays we may have in posting our exploits and field days. I look forward to sharing all our time with you. For now, Cheers Kathleen