Weather predicted to be icky.

High winds, choppy seas did not disappoint us.

This week seems to be more of a weather and cloud and high seas watch than a trip for studying dolphins. We woke 4-6 foot waves and about 20 mph winds (gusting higher). Late morning gave us a few spotted dolphins. We had two short encounters with about 12 dolphins. That is, we entered the water twice to observe the dolphins but they seemed more interested in surfing the waves. Another vessel (Dream Too) was in the same area and we shared sighting information but both had the same luck. Sort of makes one feel unwanted when the dolphins are more interested in surfing 'cool waves' than checking out the humans. Also makes it hard for us to observe their behavior when they are not within our view. We are heading south for the evening, just north of Sandy Cay, to anchor and have a calmer (hopefully) night. Till tomorrow. Cheers Kathleen