Last Day at Sea for Trip #2

A few bottlenose dolphins and turtles seen today.

We conducted a search north towards Memory Rock after hauling anchor to no avail for seeing any spotted dolphins. However, after passing Sandy Cay and approaching Wood Cay, we saw a group of about twelve bottlenose dolphins. They were spread over about 200 by 200 m and included two mother/calf pairs. A few passengers and John and Bill got into the water and briefly saw the dolphins. They were crater feeding: a couple of dolphins vertical with their heads buried past their eyes. Neat to see firsthand. Our last sighting was a turtle taking a breath at the surface. Soon we passed Settlement Point and West End. We stopped at Paradise Cove for a snorkel and then proceeded on to our dock. A good trip with many dolphin sightings. In a day or so, I'll write up the summary for this trip. Cheers Kathleen