Slow Morning – seas up a bit

Rain & choppy seas began the day, but dolphins arrived.

We had few sightings during the morning, but several sightings in the afternoon. The dolphins seemed mostly to be into their own thing, looking for and chasing needle fish. We did a dinghy search in the morning and then a search from the big boat in the afternoon. We saw a group of more than 12 spotted dolphins while searching from the Hanky Panky. They were more interested in bow-riding than in swimming with any of us in the water. We continued searching for dolphins as we headed south a bit. We anchored east of the Sugar Wreck for the night. The seas were beginning to remind us of the first week. In fact, in chatting with two other captains (Dream Too and Stenella) while moving a bit south, we found that the summer has been full of wind and high seas. Not the best conditions for sighting dolphins. Hopefully, tomorrow will return the calmer seas to us and lots of dolphins too. Cheers Kathleen