Many dolphin sightings!

More than 10 sightings with 3 encounters and a few short encounters.

The good weather makes it much much easier to see the dolphins when they are more than 100 meters from the boat. We were just north of Memory Rock when we saw the first group of spotted dolphins. They road the bow and seemed to hang out with the boat for a bit of time. The first group was a mother/calf group with 2 young male calves. The calves were chasing needle fish and zigzag swimming. The moms had other plans and kept on their way with the calves following soon after. Our second encounter brought old friends into view. Echo and Mia, both adult males, were swimming with several adult females (#02, #64, #45) and their calves. Skippy was with this group and was swimming along quite well … his right half-fluke looking very healthy. There was much rubbing, playing and rolling around among the dolphins. They were whistling and clicking around us. We had a few short encounters from the dinghy in the afternoon. The dolphins were mostly into their own thing, but they allowed us a bit of observation. There was lots of mating, rubbing and pectoral fin rubbing among individuals. After two entries, we watched more from the boat as the dolphins (sub-groups ranging in size from 6-12 individuals) moved to the southwest. Cheers Kathleen