Departure Day

Looking for dolphins while heading north.

Our departure was a bit delayed for various reasons, but we were able to snorkel a bit more on an artificial reef off the beach at Xanadu. There were several neat fish and a moray eel under one of the big pipes of the reef. Seems this eel has made the reef its home. John and I spent most of the night with Amanda in the Bahamas ER. She had an allergic reaction to a spider bite that became severe. Luckily, the doctor and nurses at the ER were able to re-hydrate Amanda and by morning she was doing much better. On doctor's orders, Amanda had to cancel her trip with DCP. Hopefully she'll be able to join us next year. As we traveled northwest and north along the west coast of Grand Bahama Island, we saw one turtle but no dolphins. Father Neptune was much kinder to us and we had smooth seas and a calm light wind. We stopped just northwest of Sandy Say for the night. We saw the first star of the night — and I am sure I could guess what all our wishes were for the next day! Till tomorrow, Kathleen