Weird U/W Visibility in AM and a Night Snorkel/Dive

The morning data collection session had Kathleen in the water by 6:31 AM. And on entry, the underwater visibility was not great (technical term = yucky!). But, I swam about 100 m and started having better visibility and then I was in the SE corner of the lagoon and had awesome, clear vis! And, I watched several dolphins socialize and swim around each other. Of course, Rocky had to be wiggly and circle Kathleen tightly. Champ and Mr. French also swam by while Lenca hung out with Poli and Kami!

Both Alita (featured and still the ‘perfect’ dolphin) and Elli whistled to their calves, Buzz and Gizmo, respectively, when the younger dolphins were engaged in playful activities with peers. I’m not sure if they were being overprotective or just had other plans for their offspring. It was fun to watch them swim to mom … and made me wonder how I could get Hazel to listen as well!

Everyone had a good day – some diving, some snorkeling, some partaking of the offerings from the iXora Spa and looking so very relaxed after their visit. A couple of our group were doing the night snorkel and others were doing the night dive. And, most of us made it back to our rooms just in time to avoid the sudden thunderstorm and rain! Let’s hope the rain is not all night and does not impact the underwater visibility too much!


Kathleen & DCP’s 2023 Ecotour Team (Stephanie, Shannon, Don, Linnea, Kate, Bill, John, Scott, Irma, Louise, Dick)