Wahoo! Yippee!

Those are the positive reinforcement terms we use when getting a dolphin ID correct on the videos!! When we are wrong, we get the buzzer! We started the day early, as usual, for data collection. Kami featured often in this morning’s video! The dolphins were VERY social from the surface view and also from underwater … several dolphins (Tank, Stan, Rocky, to name a few) were very social with each other and paid way too much attention to Kathleen. Thus, the session was 2/3 of the normal length.

After breakfast we had the rest of the morning to work on our portfolios for the class. The game room is very comfy for doing homework! Of course, we also spent some time by the beach and by the pool when reading the paper or doing some journal entries.

After lunch, we returned to the classroom to discuss the second to last paper. We decided to have that discussion on the RIMS classroom porch (see below).

Then, we moved inside for the 3rd interim survey followed by reviewing the morning’s video data and then hearing from Teri B. about training. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about operant conditioning and hearing about some of Teri’s experiences training dolphins.

Our impressions from the day are below. And, as an addendum to yesterday – not only did John win the hermit crab race but Michael was crowned Limbo King and several students won the dance contest!

Brooklyn – I think I got pinched by a crab in the water today, but the world will never know.

John – Super chill day, really don’t want to leave. Cool video of Yessan doing a rocket ride.

Sarah – Glad today was spent in the presence of the Limbo King, hermit crab race winner, and Emily who did the worm (dance).

Gill – Had a very relaxing day today, getting better at dolphin IDs, don’t ever want to leave.

Michael – It’s an honor being crowned Limbo King. Enjoyed the chill day today after a hectic one yesterday.

Sam – very relaxing day today, got a lot of work done and ate a lot of bread.

Kayla – yesterday after we wrote the blog post, I saw 4 agouti, which was disappointing but not surprising. Saw 2 today.

Ava – So sad tomorrow is our last full day. I am going to miss the dolphins.

Emily – Hung out with some dolphins this morning and got super productive this afternoon. Not ready to leave yet, sadly.

Claire – Really enjoyed Teri’s trainer talk today and a productive pool trip with Laura P. today.

Corey – The paper we discussed today was certainly unique. Enjoyed seeing a hummingbird in a bush and three bats on the ceiling while we talked about it.

Laura P. – You have to be a special type of person to stick around for a full game of monopoly. P.S. do not take cheesecake advice from Brooklyn.

Laura M. – Observed lots of dolphin activity this morning with a few surprises. Not looking forward to going home in two days.

Justin – I thought the energy during yesterday’s video review was excellent. Today’s was off the charts!

Manon – Enjoyed our full morning at Bailey’s Key recording dolphins reading study training.

Until tomorrow,

URI’s Agouti Gang

P.S. here is the URI Agouti Gang before festivities began last night.