Travel!! Arrival!! First Supper!!

Wow was it a long, but good, day! We all arrived at about noon on 3 different flights. Yes, all 3 flights arrived within 15 min of each other. This meant that our immigration line wait was LOOONNNNGGGGG! But, about 1.5 hours later, the last of us were waiting for the AKR shuttle in the airport welcome area for the 15 min ride to AKR. Because we all got to the resort by 14:30, we had a chance to decompress after travel and unpack and enjoy the pool or the kayaks or just resting.

John helped Kathleen collect the MVA case from the RIMS trainer’s room (thank you!). The case is a tad unwieldy for one person to carry, especially up the 50+ steps from the ground level to the Hill room that we share. You can see the case at the bottom of the steps and then halfway up with John (and me) taking a break!

But, the MVA is together and ready for tomorrow for our 51st (A42351) session of data collection this year so far!

Everyone in the group had a delicious and surprisingly rambunctious first supper, given the length of our travel days. You can see everyone at our meal – Thank you to Don for taking the photo.

Tomorrow’s data collection has us meeting at 6:45 AM at the water taxi for a trek to Bailey’s Key and the dolphins. Then, some folks will dive, others snorkel and others revel in their hammocks!

Until then,


Kathleen & DCP’s 2023 Ecotour Team (John, Don, Bill, Louise, Dick, Shannon, Kate, Linnea, Stephanie, Scott, Irma)