Travel and Shift Day!

Our CSU student group left this morning to return home and our St. Mary’s student group arrived on a few different flights and one ferry. Everyone was a tad bit travel weary but arrived safely. We had our orientation and explored the AKR site – Anthony’s Key and the classroom. We had a delicious dinner and then chatted about our experiences today (see below) and a bit of what to expect tomorrow.

Winter – I got to see a lizard climb up the wall in the classroom today.

Alia – I saw bats hanging outside of the classroom in the museum building and that was really cool.

Erika – I saw an agouti sitting on a rock and he was cute.

Megan – I’m happy to be back and Stan is worth waking up at 6 am for!

Felice – I’m happy to be back here again, this time with my family. And, I’m looking forward to the rest of the week.

Alicia – We ran into what we thought was an agouti hole, but we found a really big crab.

Dallas – The first step out of the Roatan airport was so refreshing. I felt alive again.

Charles – Our first dinner together was unforgettable because of Bridgerton and fan use and laughter.

Nezi – Nezi here and can’t wait to become closer with my classmates.

Sabrina – My trip started off rocky, but it was worth it to end up in paradise.

Brie – I’m so excited to be back here at Roatan. I couldn’t be more happy to be celebrating graduating with amazing people.

Mario – For my first time being in a new country, I didn’t think I’d mistake a whale for a rock.

Sara – I have many fears to face (e.g., ocean and heights) this week but with the amazing support of those around me, I should be able to overcome those fears.

Tesa – I’m excited to drink lots of water and have lots of new experiences.

Jose – I had the best pork with pineapple sauce ever in my life.

Melissa – I think we’re going to have to screen bags home for pet agoutis.

Heather – I am very excited to see the growth this week by all the students.

Manon – Welcome to Roatan, St. Mary’s students!

We look forward to meeting the dolphins at Bailey’s Key tomorrow morning and learning more about DCP and getting to snorkel near Bailey’s Key.


The St. Mary’s Melissa’s Minions (aka M&Ms)