There’s a First Time for Everything!

Our last data collection session for this month in 2024 was this morning. The underwater visibility was really good! The dolphins were vocal and social underwater but not so much at the surface. Most of the URI students joined us for observations and got to watch he dolphins one more time!

After breakfast, we saw the URI students and Justin and Laura M. off to the airport for their return home.

We spent time cleaning gear, trying to dry things out (which was not easy given the fact that it was pouring rain all day!), and packed for our trek home tomorrow.

At about 3:30 PM, we received a text from Justin – flight delayed! The delays (note plural!) continued until 8:30 PM, when the plane finally landed at Roatan and their departure flight was cancelled. You can see the two attempts at arrival in the following photo!

Kathleen and Manon went to AKR’s front desk and confirmed room availability. Hurray to AKR for accommodating not just the URI students but all guests who’d been stranded! After revisiting immigration and customs, the students boarded the AKR shuttle and returned to their island home.

Everyone has a bed in which to sleep tonight and dinner was waiting for everyone!

We will repeat the process tomorrow and hopefully change the outcome with a true departure to home


Kathleen & Manon

P.S. this was the first time ever that one of DCP’s student groups all got stuck on a field course for an extra day!