The Rest of Our Group Arrived!

Weather was the day’s highlight! The last winter storm of 2023 arrived with a flourish at 3:30 AM with a heavy downpour and high winds that rendered data collection moot. Underwater visibility was like liquid mud (or a latte coffee depending on your perspective and hunger level!) and the underwater current meant the dolphins were surfing waves at Bailey’s Key! The wind and current were actually fighting each other. There were rolling breakers over the reef toward both Anthony’s and Bailey’s Keys.

While waiting for Jill, Rebecca, and Eric to arrive, we noticed the wind, rain, and current increase such that the water taxi dock at Anthony’s Key disappeared … for 10 minutes or so. It was a very weird site to look over and see the sea consume sections of the beach and dock!

The rest of the group arrived this afternoon with not less trouble than with our arrival. Jill got in about an hour before Rebecca and Eric, whose plane made three wide circles and two tiny circles before landing! Check out the flight aware screen grab of their flight path!

Manon, Tracy, and Kathleen went to Bailey’s twice to check out the dolphins and say hi to the staff. We were rained on both times and the wind tried to push us into an unplanned dolphin swim … From the surface, we got eyes on all the dolphins and spent a bit of time observing Ronnie, Tilly, and Tank. Tracy has decided that Tank is her new BFF.

Mother Nature won the day! The storm is scheduled to pass and lessen later tonight into tomorrow. We’re hoping for better visibility and less wind beginning tomorrow.

Until then,

DCP’s first January 2024 ecotour group