The Inaugural Episode

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This is the very first episode of our innovative science podcast dedicated exclusively to all things dolphin. The Dolphin Pod will bring you up-to-date and scientifically accurate information on dolphin behavior, cognition, communication, anatomy; you name it, and we’ll talk about it. We will also, on occasion, cover dolphin events in the news, summarize and explain the results from recent studies on dolphins and interview scientists currently working on dolphin-related research projects. A special series of episodes will be recorded live from the field, where we will get up close and personal with dolphins in their natural environment, and the researchers studying them. Of course, we will be chatting with the researchers, and not the dolphins. Sorry! In the next few episodes, we will learn why the killer whale is called a whale even though it is actually a dolphin, why this famous dolphin sound {play sound} is probably the worst example of a normal dolphin sound that you can find, and why even your dog would be impressed with the ultrasonic hearing and sound production ability of dolphins. Thank you for subscribing to The Dolphin Pod; we hope you enjoy it. On behalf of all of us; welcome to the pod!