TGIF! Dolphins Abound!

Our morning data session was a bit earlier than normal to plan ahead for arriving on time for our group’s dolphin swim! Manon did another data collection session and it was VERY quiet … both vocally and behaviorally. Still, Kami was very tactile and both Stan and Lenca made their fair share of passes by Manon’s fins and legs. And Kami imitated Stan and Lenca with Manon’s legs. Buzz tried to keep up with his older brother, Lenca but Alita was having none of it. Alita is our featured dolphin for tonight’s blog!

Our group did a dolphin swim this morning and they share their impressions:

Jillian – Lots of curious baby dolphins swimming close to their moms.

Tracy – Except when Manon first got in the water, dolphins did not abound!

Rebecca – who needs lottery winnings … it’s all here.

Eric – Wish I could swim with a fraction of the grace the dolphins have.

Manon – Hugged a baby dolphin today! 😊 (not during data collection!)

This was a good week with a range of weather, lots of new experiences and a great group of people!

We’ll have one more early AM data collection session tomorrow and then prepare to pass the mantle to DCP’s first field course group for 2024: Colorado State University (CSU).

Until then,

DCP’s first 2024 ecotour group