Silent Dolphins, GREAT u/w vis!

The morning was very quiet underwater … it brought to mind Jacques Cousteau’s narrative of a “silent sea”! There were no whistles, clicks or other dolphin sounds (at least that I could hear) for the first 15-20 min of a 40-min session. Of course, Sandy whistled with bubbles to break to silence! She and Rocky swam circles around me … the dolphin equivalent of puppy zoomies! I was able to get eyes on everyone underwater except Alita and French. I did see them from the surface. I watched Poli and Tilly follow Kami – both in P3 (infant) position and nearly parallel to each other (featured photo)! Even Stan and Tank and Lenca were chill this morning!

I was delighted to have Gizmo make a few very close passes by the MVA! She’s growing up so quickly!

The divers had a good 2-3 dives today, though everyone said the water is too warm and there is more coral bleaching than expected. The bottom temp at 60 ft is 88-89°F!

There was kayaking and snorkeling and more fun had by all. Of course, the hammocks and lounge chairs (and pool!) all had varying amounts of usage today, too!

Dinner was delicious and a tad delayed as a couple of us attended the fish ID talk.

All in all, a great day!

Tomorrow is Maya Key for some of us and an early morning data collection session (6:15 AM!!) to accommodate the early morning divers.


Kathleen & DCP’s 2023 Ecotour Team (Don, Shannon, Bill, John, Stephanie, Scott, Irma, Louise, Dick, Kate, Linnea)