Happy Halloween!

Today was another great day of dolphin observations. I was
in the water before 6:45 AM and was able to collect a full 30 min session. Ronnie
and Polly were not as inquisitive of my limbs or wetsuit today as on previous
days … a good thing since I want them to ignore me!

I had two sessions – the early morning entry and then one
just before lunchtime. All 19 dolphins were available for filming in the
morning but the four adult males were engaged in other programs (e.g., diving
off the reef) for the second session. Thus, I observed the adult females and
their calves. There was much rambunctious play among Champ, Tilly, Polly, Elli
and Mac. On a seeming break from the play, I witnessed Mac nursing from

Gracie came by to check out the camera a few times and she
and Tilly (her young daughter) jawed at each other and swam a few speed swims.
There was much whistling and buzzing vocals, heard even above the cacophony of
snapping shrimp sounds!

I was delighted to be treated today, not tricked. Tomorrow
is our last day of data collection. I’m planning for two sessions and we will
recover the SM2M at about noon. I’ve checked the LED on the hydrophone at each
entry and am pleased to report that it continues to be on when scheduled and
off when not!

Until tomorrow … I wish all readers a happy Halloween!


Kathleen & the DCP RIMS 2013 team