Packed and ready to Go!

The sprawl of gear and personal stuff is now orderly and
neatly packed into three checked bags. The SM2M is safely inside a nice secure
case on wheels. The MVA2 is in the orange “giant” case that either John or I
use regularly and is fully padded for transit from CT to Roatan (I hope!). And,
my fins, wetsuit, mask, snorkel and assorted clothing are all tucked into a
small soft bag. Yes! I am more than ready to go, especially so since we had
our first frost of the season last night. I woke to just above freezing temps!

I’ll share a bit about DCP’s history of study on the RIMS
dolphins tomorrow, before beginning official travel south. And, then the fun
begins with arrival to Roatan on Saturday late morning (cross your fingers for
uneventful flights!).