Travel to Roatan – Saturday, April 30


Our day began at 01:30 (AM), with a drive to the airport followed by a wait for TSA to open and then check in. Luckily, we slept on the plane. We had a stop in Houston and then a direct flight to Roatan. The flight to Roatan was shorter and we were excited to get to the island. Both flights were full! We cleared immigration and customs and got our bags to the fellow we thought was from Anthony’s Key Resort. Turns out he was just an airport representative. So, our bags stayed at the airport for about 3 extra hours! They arrived and both John and I were able to get our housings unpacked and set up.


It was also nice to see Bill, Ron, and Madison again. Lisa, Madison’s mom, joined the group, too. Bill had two extra days on island while the other three arrived on the earlier flight from us. This trip has been like “coming home” so far. Participants who’ve been DCP supporters since the mid-1990s and a location (Roatan) where I’ve been studying dolphins for 9 years!


I did not get to Bailey’s Key today but plan to head over tomorrow to see the dolphins. There are 24 now! I’ll confirm the new rake scars and interactions tomorrow and fill you in on the group. I must admit that I LOVE the warmer temps and weather. John said this winter that there are three things that do not mix for dealing with morning, especially in winter … cold, dark and early. I doubt we’ll have to deal with them tomorrow!



Kathleen, John, Bill, Ron, Madison & Lisa – the DCP RIMS 2011 team