Roatan 2009 Field Season Begins – almost

Happy “cinco de mayo” to everyone reading! Today is also called “pack for Roatan” for Kathleen. 

I have the array (MVA4), tapes, mask, fins, snorkel and shorty wetsuit set out near my bright orange gear case. I have the datasheet copies ready, information about our studies in Roatan, copies of reprints, slates, sunblock, and more ready to be packed. Now I just need to shift my brain from the chilly spring in New England to the warmer climate of Honduras as I pack clothing for the next 2.5 weeks of field work studying the RIMS dolphins at Anthony’s Key Resort.

Bill and I travel to Roatan on Thursday and our eco-tour participants arrive on Saturday. It will be good to see the dolphins at RIMS this year and to observe their antics once again. 

 I will keep you posted with details as the field season progresss and give you an update on the dolphins. I remember how grown Mika, Maury, Ronnie and Bill had seemed last August … I can just imagine each individual dolphin again in anticipation of getting to RIMS.

I’ll also do my best to include some photos with my daily reports so that you can see the development of the dolphins and maybe some of their behaviors too.

And, in quick introduction, DCP has been teaching a group of middle school students at Moran Middle School in Wallingford, CT about our studies of the dolphins on Roatan … and a bit about Roatan. So, watch for a few notes to this team of DRTs as they prepare for their visit to Roatan next summer.