Wednesday (13 May) – much contact and some feisty exchanges!

Today’s underwater visibility was spectacular! It was 7 or 8 m plus and clear. And, the dolphins were in a feisty mood – or at least several of them were. I watched Mrs. Beasley and Cedeña exchange pec fin rubs with Mrs. B rolling around Ced’s fin. They seemed spunky and moved well for two females very pregnant.

At one point, Bailey seemed to be a bit pushy around Bill and Ronnie after which Bill jaw clapped at Bailey. She swiftly swam away and about 3 minutes later I saw her with her mom, Cedeña. Cedeña was pec fin rubbing Bailey along her back. The pair swam back into the group of juveniles (Bill, Ronnie, French, Ken, Fiona) and it seemed almost as if Cedeña sort of reminded Bailey that she’d have to stand her ground if she was gonna pick fights or be ornery with the others. Very neat to watch!

There was much rubbing and some vocalizations this morning. All in all it was a good morning. And, our DCP eco-tour team had their second encounter and swim with the dolphins. Their first interaction was with Fiona and today they met Alita, Fiona’s mom. Anthony swam over often, not wanting to miss out on any fun his mom might be having, or so it seemed.

We also noted that several of the younger dolphins, like Fiona and Anthony, had more rake marks on their bodies from the day before – this means our Wallingford DRT team will have their work cut out for them when we review the video after my return.

Until tomorrow,