Wednesday (20 May) – last data collection session followed by cleaning, drying and packing gear

The underwater visibility was superb! I had my last data collection session this morning and the dolphins were quiet and not as social as usual, until I exited the water, or so it seemed! Hector, Ritchie and French showed way too much interest in my fins and seemed to be taking notes on my behavior rather than ignoring me. I watched from the surface and almost all the dolphins rolled and splashed at the surface. Several individuals, Anthony and Fiona specifically, were breaching and side-slapping too. Lots of water was flying all over the air.
I spent the late morning and afternoon rinsing and drying gear, logging data sheets and packing for the return trip home tomorrow.
We collected 11.5 hrs of data during this session at RIMS. I was able to get all the individual dolphin sketches drafted with their new scars and rake marks. And, I began the video logs for documenting which dolphins were in view on the tapes and when and for how long. Still, the DRTs, new summer interns, DCP volunteers and I will be kept busy for the next several months documenting the data.
Tomorrow is my travel back to the USA, after one last surface visit to see the dolphins to hold me over until my return in January 2010.