Sunday (17 May) – two hours observing dolphins under water today

The DCP 2009 RIMS eco-tour came to a close yesterday when our volunteer team departed Roatan. With their assistance, we collected six hours of video with stereo audio data of the dolphins here. Neat stuff. A bit thank you to Barclay, Cindy, Gail and Mike for your hard work and help! I spent yesterday afternoon and early evening sleeping – it was my turn with the 24 hr sinus bug that everyone else seemed to have lately.
But, I woke this morning almost at 100% and decided it was a good day to observe dolphins (when is it not a good day?!). I was in the water by 7:30 and spent about 50 minutes recording everyone – Paya, Hector and Ritchie were back in the fray with everyone. They’d been doing scuba dives and other programs last week. All three of them, adult males, had to check me out, which consists of them crowding me. They stop moving and drift into me – almost. Maybe a stand-off, maybe not. I do not move and they eventually depart. Though I am sure they keep an eye on me for the first session or two in which I am recording.
I got in a second time after the morning feed and program. So, I was able to collect roughly two hours of data. Both sessions had the dolphins much more quiet than in previous sessions. Hardly any whistling and only a few click trains. Maybe they had a rough and tumble night since the boys were back? There were a few rub and jaw exchanges, especially between Ritchie and Ronnie. Saw some flipper contact two among other individuals. All really neat stuff.
Tomorrow should bring more data. This afternoon is processing some of the video for logs.