Our dolphin swim/encounter (each 30 min long) began at 9 AM and were followed by a data collection session. DRT impressions on their swim:
Catharine – the dolphins did not really play with us until we swam to them.
Katie – cool! With they’d have swum more close, but the dolphins were still close …
Ethan – it was fun. The dolphins weren’t as playful as I thought they’d be, but maybe they were around other people, too.
Lydia – it was fun to watch the dolphins interact with each other under water.
Scarlet – the dolphins teased me lots – playing with grass blades and dropping them at me.
Timmy – I didn’t see them much because the dolphins were diving and swooping beneath me, it was pretty majestic.
Kimo – incredible – dolphins welcomed us and seemed to know we wanted to play with them and they teased us.
Thomas – I did not chase around much, but Bailey hung out and played with me.
Ben – really cool because during the morning observation I wanted to play with the dolphins and I got to do it during the swim/encounter. They liked the camera, so I stayed near it (and Mr. Anderson).
Mr. Williams – Putting my arms around Cedena and feeling her heart beating – it’s hard to describe how beautiful that feeling was.
The night snorkel was also today (tonight):
Mr. Williams – It was like driving a car in slow motion, a car with ten movable headlights. I loved how the beams of light cut through the water.
Thomas – it was really cool … instead of the fish swimming away, they were attracted to the light.
The general consensus on the night snorkel is that it was a lot les scary than they thought … not creepy at all and it was neat to see the animals that do not regularly show up during the day, like the octopus, tiger tail cucumber, eels and shrimp.
Tomorrow we get an introduction to training … and more data collection, of course.
Kathleen & the DRTs