We had two data collection sessions today and the DRTs were right on with logging data. They also got to play a bit with the dolphins when they interacted by butting the kids’ feet with their rostrums. Dolphins can be VERY tempting.
I recorded much activity from the dolphins during both sessions – lots of whistles and staccato noises with and without bubble streams. There were several pec fin exchanges and lots of body rubbing. I am fairly confident that I recognize Mika, Ronnie, Bill, Ken, all the adult females, Margarita, Dixon, Hector, Ritchie, Fiona, Bailey and Paya. I am still working on the new scars and marks on French and Maury. But, I’ll get there. Each DRT is also working on recognizing their particular dolphin – for ID.
Our afternoon (after the second data collection session and lunch) was spent in a coral talk from Jennifer and then a boat snorkel to “Hole in the Wall”. I learned lots about the corals as well. E.g., the soft corals are actually called “octocorals”. Hole in the Wall literally had a few holes in the corals that we could swim through – almost everyone had fun trying their hand at breath holding and swimming through the holes. Very NEAT.
Tomorrow is our dolphin swim/encounter and night snorkel. Another full day.
Kathleen & the DRT team