Travel Day is finally here!

Well, we will all meet at the airport at 4 am to check in and begin our trip to Roatan. This will be an exciting trip with the DRT team. Each student has focused on one dolphin. Also, they each have a question on the environment, animals or ecology that will be the topic of discussion one evening.

As for those tape cassettes that I mentioned – two stores no longer carry blank ones. I guess everyone has gone digital.

Our next report will be from Roatan tomorrow night. Our DRT team includes: Catharine, Scarlet, Katie, Lydia, Ben, Kimo, Timmy, Thomas, and Ethan. Mr. Williams joins us again this year and John Anderson will video document our trip. We'll try to include photos with our reports, but if we do not get them posted with the reports, then we'll have a gallery on the Pine Point page at the end of this month for this trip.

Until tomorrow,

Kathleen & the DCP DRT team