I had one morning session and then prepared to meet our Ecotour Team for 2007.

We have 6 volunteer researchers this week to assist Bill and me in our data collection. Roger and Judi arrived at 11 and Ron, Madison, Sharon and Dave arrived at 6 pm. It was fun to greet our team members and get them settled … and then to fill them in on LOTS of data. I love sharing this information with our assistants. Ron has been on several trips before, so he can help familiarize everyone else with us.

The data collection session went okay though I would have preferred not to have been swum all over the sea pool. It felt like I’d just get close enough to see the dolphins underwater and then they’d be off. Bill told me it looked like they would zip by me after I had arrived to one side or the other. At one point, I looked down and saw all ten dolphins just above the sea floor and quietly yet swiftly swimming under me! The underwater visibility was not good – less than 3 m and silty. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Until then,