Osgood Cay

Rita has a new calf and Gracie is due any day!

Osgood is off shore of the airport and SSE of the port where the cruise ships dock.AKR owns a portion of the cay and set up a day-stop for short-duration visitors. The sea pool is good-sized and Rita, her calf, Gracie, Fiona, Jack and Mr. French zoomed around frolicking like always.
Gracie is due to deliver any day and Rita's calf is about a week older than Mrs B's calf. Very robust and feisty. Teri and I swam/snorkeled with them a bit which was my first time not with a camera with these dolphins. I felt like I should be jotting down notes! Jack and Fiona were playful and solicited lots of rubs from me. Maybe without the camera, I am just another split-fin to be played with?
This field season promises to be full of neat stuff – Rita even brought her calf over to introduce to me. I felt honored.
I unpacked my gear this afternoon and plan to start with MVA data collection tomorrow. Bill arrives late in the day.
Until tomorrow,