Hugs & Smiles Abound

Checking in with Eldon, Teri, Julio, Samir et al., as well as the dolphins

Morning came early but it was welcome with the sound of the calm ocean as background. I looked for and chatted with Don Julio, Samir and Julio Galindo. Then, we found Eldon and Teri to say hi and confirm a research schedule. Then, we got to join Teri out at Bailey’s Key to say hello to the dolphins. Actually, both John and I got a chance to help feed the dolphins. A limited number of guests at the resort meant that this Friday was a bit slower than most.
I learned that Bill, Maury, Mika and Ronnie had moved to Belize City and a new facility for RIMS. They left on 29 April and seem to be doing well, according to Teri. I know a few of my team will miss these four dolphins as they were the pranksters from last year!
We also learned some sad news – Esteban died in November. He contracted a bacterial infection and passed away quite quickly. I did not realize just how much I was looking forward to seeing him. He is and will continue to be missed.
Still, we were introduced to two new calves (Bailey and Anthony), as well as a bit shocked by how much Ken, Jack and Mr. French have grown! They are now two years old – I seem to have lost a year somewhere. Cedena is Bailey’s mom and Alita is Anthony’s mom. They are quite precocious when able to leave their moms’ sides. All five of these younger dolphins are very much the camera hams! Now, all I have to do it get them to ignore me in the water … our first data recording sessions are tomorrow.