The Waves, Sun and a Rooster

Three things to wake you up early in the AM.

Our team had 3 stations distributed around the perimeter of the key. Bill tracked my movement and called out sections at swim intervals: we identified the sections for documenting dolphins distance to the MVA as seen from above the water’s surface. As I reread the previous sentences, it seems like we were prepared for battle. This was not the case, though my attempts to remain non-invasive, ignored hopefully, were thwarted by Ronnie. Ronnie squawked, whistled, echolocated at me. He poked at my arms, my legs and the hydrophones- yes, once, he even poked at my butt! (Not exactly a “goosing”, though.) Alternating with the pokes were pec rubs to my side- more anecdotal evidence that rubs can be a reconciliatory signal or a request. While the attention was flattering, I still would have preferred to be ignored. Still, we got 30 minutes of data- a good morning. Most of our team had a day of diving (and the AKR picnic planned. Raul, Sandra, and Mattias stayed back to review video, enter data and chat. I also spent some time prepping the MOSART tags. Something you may not know…I am a “mac” person. The tags are based in the “PC” world. But, Christer gave me a research recipe and I got the CFC cards set and the units prepped. Ronnie will be first tomorrow! Cheers, Kathleen P.S. Despite repeated reassurances about their arrival, Sandra and Mattias’ bags still have a journey of their own.